The final product

This is how the ceiling turned out.  I am really happy with it!

It really lightens it up.  I only have the bay windows on the dining side and that is it.


I bet you are wondering what in the world we are doing with those different colored boxes on top of our cabinets.

No, I do not think that looks good 😉

We are building up the cabinets.  I didn’t want to have to worry about dust up there and decorating that space.

After we are finished with the crown and the rest of the trim I will have my painter come and spray everything Benjamin Moore Simply White to match the ceiling.

Except for the island.  We are in the process of getting a new island built.  I want it all one level so I have more usable space.

We may be replacing all the door and drawer fronts also depending on what the bid comes back at.

It might actually be cheaper to do that than to pay for my painter to paint them because it is so labor intensive.

The island will look something like this


And the cabinets on top will look something similar to this except BM simply white.


Hope to be posting a reveal soon!


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