Hat hanger

I was really excited for this hat hanger to get my sons hats off the floor.

He loves hats and strategically placed them nice at the end of his bed,

but I thought we could do something better with them.

So I just purchased a 1x12x4(its actually just over 11″wide), stained it, and screwed some hooks on it

and voila!


Sand edges


Pick out your stain


Stain and let dry a couple of hours.


Find the center of the board which was 5 1/2″


Decide how much room you need in between hooks.

I did this by placing a hat down.

I decided I needed 13″ between hooks.


I used my sheet rock “T” to mark every 13″ all the way down the board.


Then I used my “T” again to keep my hooks stright as I screwed them in.

The second on I just “eyed” and obviously I was off 🙁


To hang it on the wall I like these picture hooks.  They have these nifty teeth on the back so you can just nail them in.


I put one on each side.

Measure and put them even.  I put mine 1/4″ down on each side.

And 1″ over to the center of the teeth.

IMG_8350 I

I also used anchors because there wasn’t a stud where I wanted to hang it.



Hats up and off the ground!

To Pin just hoover mouse over the image and Pin away!

Have a great day friends!


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