My little reading nook: Part 1

I am always day dreaming about what I can do with a space.

How to make it different.

I don’t think I will ever be truly “done” our house,

because once I thought I was at the end of my list I would probably

just start all over.

It’s just what I do.

As wacky as it sounds it makes me happy to have things torn apart

knowing what they will be when I am done.

I am like kinda like Sarah Winchester of the Winchester Mansion

without the fortune, ghosts, or mansion!

I love my house to always be under construction of some sort.

It’s like my drug I guess.

This is a small area between two bedrooms upstairs that indented 3 feet.

We never even walked there.

It was just the perfect spot to make a little nook of some sort.

So after a few years of obnoxiously begging and coaxing

my husband obliged 🙂

I showed him a few pictures of what I liked and drew up a little plan

and we just went from there.

This is when we started to frame the base of it.

I wish I had a better before picture than this,

but I always get ahead of myself and this is

when I remembered to take a picture and it’s only a half

picture at that.


We just took a razor blade and scored the caulk at the top of the base board and pried it off with a flat head screwdriver.


I thought I had a picture of the step before this, but apparently I don’t.

So you can imagine, we built 2 of the frames in the first picture.

We then wrapped them on each side with 1/2″ pressed wood,

except for the one against the wall.  It was only wrapped on one side

because the other side of it is the wall.

Those 2-2×4’s are turned different on the inside because I wanted to be able to slide pillows

and blankets in easier and turning them like that gave me an extra 2 inches of space.

I wanted thicker more sturdy wood on the top

so we used 3/4″ cabinet grade wood.

We measured and cut the top piece so that it would be able to lift up

and not hit the bookcases.


We used our Kreg jig to make some holes to screw the 2×4’s on the inside to the frame.

Make sense?

(super crappy pic, sorry)


We made sure that the wood sitting inside of the bookcase and the edge of the piece in the

middle were both resting on a 2×4 for support.


Here’s a different angle so you can see it cut even with bookcase.


To make the lid we used 2 long piano hinges.

One side is screwed to the lid and the other side is screwed to the frame.


Now for the book shelves!

We just purchased some pre-drilled melamine at Home Depot.

They were already 11-3/4″ wide which is exactly what we needed.

I wanted shelves to be centered with the window so we built a top and bottom frame

that will just be empty space.

It also supports the sides.



When we put the sides up we used a spacer so that we could

put the molding on after and not have it over lap the door frame.


We did the molding the same on the bottom and top of the window.

t img_0291

You can check out my Reading Nook inspirations on my Pinterest Board.

 To be continued…


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