Reading Nook: Part 2

I wanted a header across the top so that it would

separate the nook from the hallway.

So this is what we came up with.


We made sure to to leave a 3/4″ space in the front

so that we could wrap the header in wood.


We made sure to screw it into studs in the ceiling.

P.S. The top frame is now also wrapped.


Here it is wrapped.



We added some crown to the front.

See that little vent?

 It used to be in the nook right where I needed my light to be.

So after some major begging, the hubs got in the attic for me

and magically switched everything around 🙂


Here’s a pic of the ceiling after the hubs

moved the vent for me and wired for the light.

Gosh I love having a handy man!


I couldn’t just have the ceiling be boring,

so we added the same wood that we did on our kitchen ceiling.

I used Minwax Dark Walnut and Valspar Briarsmoke to stain it.

In that order.


(Temporary light)


Here’s the nook all caulked and painted!

I decided to use Alabaster from Sherwin Williams

2016 Color of the Year in semi-gloss.

I’m pretty sure that it took me longer to caulk and

paint it than it did to build the dang thing!


I really wanted to put some wallpaper behind the bookshelves and

I am really loving buffalo check right now,

but not the $60/roll price tag.

So I decided to paint it and save the $60 bucks!

Can you see the lines on there?

I’ll show you how I did it!


I decided that I wanted 5 squares going across,

took the total width and divided it by 5

and it ended up being about 5 1/4″


I measured and marked 5 1/4″ all the way across.


And then used my level and connected all the marks.

It’s super important to make sure the lines are level

so you don’t have a skiwampa’s wall!


Then taped them off using frog tape.

It’s the best for no leaks!


I mixed my Repose Gray paint by SW with some glaze,

but didn’t have enough to do half and half like

your supposed to do and had to fix it in the end.

Do it right the first time!

I’ll show you what I had to do in a sec 🙁

*TIP: Paint the stripes with the 4″ roller with a

semi-smooth/smooth surface.

 DON’T buy the smooth sponge one.

 It will give you bubbles in your paint!

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


By the time I had done the same steps to the other side,

this side had dried and was ready for the vertical stripes.


Here is what ended up happening.


because I didn’t dilute the paint enough

so now it all looks solid.

No bueno!


So since I screwed up on the stripes and there was no dimension

I took the same white paint and watered it down a bit,

re-taped where the lines where at and dabbed it on with a sponge.

I didn’t tape on the sides because it was the same white

and just blended in.

You can’t even tell.


Here’s the after and the new light I purchased from

Amazon for $26 bucks!



I wanted the shelves to look neutral

so I turned all the books around.

The hubs said that was weird,

but I know where they are all at 🙂


Rug, Bedding and Pillows and Mattress are from Ikea.

I ended up replacing the rug with a white and gray striped

one from Overstock and used this one in my kitchen.


Blanket is from TJ Max



 Final result

*I still may take the blinds down and do a

pretty Roman Shade here

Just have to build up some mojo!


                                                                                                                               Before                                                                       After

img_0146 IMG_0666

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