Kitchen Remodel before and after

Our kitchen remodel was finally complete (for the most part) in 12-15.

From start to finish, including ceiling, it took about a year!

It still needs a couple things done.  But it is 99% done, which I am satisfied with for now 🙂


Our kitchen for me was just too dark and not enough counter space to work on.

So one thing leaded to another and before I knew it, we had pretty much redone the whole kitchen!

But you know what they say….

If you give a moose a muffin!

Here is what we started out with.

Not a bad kitchen at all, just not my style.

(previous owners)

Copy (2) of IMG_5934

Copy (3) of IMG_5933

Copy (2) of IMG_5935

I painted it to lighten it up a bit, but never did decorate because I did not want anything on the top.

 Too much dusting for me 🙂

That molding on top of the cabinet is my practice piece for what I eventually wanted up there.

I’ll do a post on how we built those soon!




So we added Our tongue and groove ceiling , added the boxes and molding to the top of the cabinets (post coming soon),

had the orginal cabinet boxes and new molding all painted BM’s Simply White by a professional,

and had NEW cabinet door’s and drawer fronts made and painted the same color.


I was in looooove with the farm house sink, but as you can see with the stacked

island I never had much usable space to do anything on the island.

It was also super high for the kids.

They NEVER sat at the island, which made me sad.

 I wanted them there sitting and talking to me while I was in there.












I reconfigured this whole area the night before the painter was supposed to come!

I always wanted a hood above the stove.

Once we took out the fridge and the microwave I knew I had to do it or I would regret it!

After a few phone calls to my cabinet guy to see if he could do what I wanted him to do with how I wanted to change it

and a little convo with the hubs we went for it!

We cut the cabinet next the microwave even with the one above the microwave.

Then I had my cabinet guy make on large door to go over the whole thing.

It has big hinges on it and lifts up toward the ceiling.

Then we moved the stove to the middle and built 2 smaller cabinets (one to go on each side).

The one on the left holds cookie sheets and the one on the right has the slide out for spices.



Copy (2) of IMG_5935





Some of my favorite things that we added to the kitchen:

Paper towel drawer:

I something similar to this on Pinterest and my cabinet guy is awesome and re-created it for me!

I hate clutter on the counters and this works perfect!



Double slide out garbage cans

I had a slide out can here before, but it only fit one can and it had a lot of wasted space above it

and that is where we put the paper towel drawer.


This is an extra 4 drawers on the end.

Before I had an overhang where those drawers are at now.

We never had a bar stool there anyway.

 I hate wasted space!

So we extended the island out and added these drawers for all my dish towels.


All my spices before, were in the cabinet, next to the microwave, above the stove.

Which really worked fine, but since I changed the area around the stove I

wanted them down lower where I could reach better.

I love having them down lower next to the oven.


One the end of the lower bank of cabinets there use to be a desk area.

We never used that either and I love all the storage space I can get,

so we added another bank of drawers there.


It was a hard labor intensive project that took about a year.

But I am so happy with the results and still love it all!



Cabinet color: BM Simply white
Wall color: SW Repose Gray
Pantry door color: BM Chelsea Gray
Countertop’s: Pental Quartz in Carrera
Bar stools: Overstock
Wicker chairs: Ikea
Slip covered chairs: Ikea
Sign above table:  Made by me (Decal is by Urban walls)
Sign above stove:  Made by me
Hand towel:  World Market
Clock above pantry: Ikea
Boxwood’s on table: At Home Store
Table: Downeast Home Furnishing’s (Discontinued)
Table Runner: Homegood’s

Feel free to Pin pictures or ask any questions that I did not answer!

Today is a good day for a good day!