Picture ledge shelves

I needed something badly to go on my wall in my living room and wanted something to display family photos on.

I have seen these picture ledges various places such as:  Shanty 2 chicPinterest, etc…

and thought they would be fun to do on this big blank space I had.

They were very simple to do and a great beginner project.

Which would be me on this project without my hubby!

So here’s what I did

Purchased 2- 1x4x6 & 1- 1x2x6 per shelf.

You can get longer ones, but my shelves needed to be 6′ long.

Pick straight ones.  You’ll thank yourself later!

 I thought I was doing 4 so I quadrupled that.

 Ended up putting 3 up.


Basic shape of the shelf


First you want to sand the edges down.

Nothing crazy!  Just a light sand.  I used 120 grit.


Then pick your favorite stain and go to town.

If you have never stained before it’s seriously easy.

If you can wipe a counter top off you can stain.

Trust me!



Now for the fun part!

Set them up how you want them.

I just made sure the boards fit together well before I started nailing.

And they were the sides I wanted showing.

If some are bowed a little, that’s what you glue and clamps are for!


  I skipped the gluing part.

 Not on purpose.

I really just forgot.

 Don’t skip that step!

I had to reinforce mine with screws from the back.

Before you start nailing run a small amount of wood glue down each board and clamp them together while you nailing.

It will make your life easier in the end!

I found it easiest to rest my gun on a 1×2 so the edge would be

even with the edge of the wood and the nail would go in the right place.

It’s easy to shoot the nail out the bottom.

(I did that a couple of times!)


I used my 18 gauge Porter cable nail gun.


And here they are all hung up and decorated!

I wanted mostly all black and white pictures and white frames.

I didn’t want it to look too busy!

Makes me CRAZY!

P.S. I just made sure to screw them into studs because I knew they would be holding a bit of weight!

(I know this picture sucks!  Sorry, I will get a better one on here tomorrow)

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

Feel free to Pin away!

Thanks friends!



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