Round side table


I’m so excited to show you my new side table build!

It was a really fun project!

I got the plans from Shanty-2-chic

I love their plans because they have the whole list of wood you need to buy

and all the instructions on how to build so well laid out!

I spent $35 on the wood and $10 on Kreg Jig screws.

I had the paint and stain at home.

Here is the table all built.

I’m not going to walk you through the build because Shanty-2-chic does that

so well!

I did change a couple things from their plan though.

First I made my table legs and the wood under the table top curved

and I made my table taller.

 Theirs was 22″ and I made mine 25″.

Other than that I followed them to a “T”!

So here’s the table all built

(Please excuse the messy shop!  Someday it will be organized and nice)


I stained it first with Minwax Weathered Oak and then Dark Walnut.

Let dry between coats.


The table looks pretty as is but I wanted it to have a driftwood look.

So I did some research about dry brushing and it seemed pretty foul proof

so I thought I’d give it a go!

I took my Repose Gray by BM and watered it down 50%

~See it dripping off the brush


Then you want to get almost all the paint off the brush


Then you just start brushing it on.

I started out lightly because I didn’t want too much paint on the wood.

I still wanted to be able to see some brown.

I went all different directions.

Then I waited just a minute and rubbed it with a dry towel.

Don’t worry!  You seriously can’t mess this up!




Here is the top of the table with half done and half not,

just to show you the difference.


I did go over some of the edges with a 220 grit sandpaper on the edges where I wanted it to look worn.

When it was all dry I went over it with a wax to give a nice finish.


Here it is all finished!





I’m super happy with this table and can’t wait to find something else to build!

Maybe it will be another one of these!

Feel free to pin away!

(Just hoover cursor over image to Pin)

Have a Happy day!



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